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AMERICAN JEWISH ARCHIVESJournal of the American Jewish Archives in Cincinnati.   This journal contains historical and genealogical articles about American Jewry.   All available issues are only $1.00, with $2.00 shipping.  If ordering more than one issue, add $0.25 for shipping for each additional issue.  The following issues are currently available. 

  • bk0376  Marcus, Dr. Jacob Rader, editor.  APRIL 1985, VOL. XXXVII, NO. 1, (journal, paperback), Cincinnati: American Jewish Archives.  A special issue on "Forgotten Fiction: American Jewish Life, 1890-1920. Stanley F. Chyet, Guest Editor. Stories and excerpts include: "Joseph Zalmonah" by Edward King; "In the Gates of Israel" by Herman Bernstein; Children of Men" by Bruno Lessing (Rudolph Edgar Block); "Little Citizens" by Myra Kelly; "Glimpses of a Strange World" by Henry S. Stollnitz; "Canaway and the LUstigs" by Joseph Leiser; "Doctor Rast" by James Oppenheim; "Potash and Perlmutter" by Montague Glass; "Witte Arrives" by Elias Tobenkin; "The Chosen People" by Sidney Nyburg. $1.00.  Shipping - $3.00.
  • bk0379  Marcus, Dr. Jacob Rader, editor.  APRIL 1988, VOL. XL, NO. 1, (journal, paperback), Cincinnati: American Jewish Archives. Special 40th Anniversary Issue "Historical Perspectives on Israel, the United States, and American Jewry. Articles include: "'A University That Would Revolutionize World Jewry': An Unpublished Letter from Jacob Rader Marcus to Judah Magnes (1926);" "American Zionism and American Jewry: An Ideological and Communal Encounter" by Evyatar Friesel; "Redefining Ahad Ha-Am: Israel and the Diaspora as Coexisting Centers of Jewish Life" by Alfred Gottschalk; "American Christians and Israel, 1948-1988" by Carl Hermann Voss and David A. Rausch; "Backing the 'Good Guys': American Government Policy, 'Jewish Influence,' and the Sinai Campaign of 1956" by Moshe Fox; "'From Beth Emet in Israel': American Jewish Reactions to the Yom Kippur War (1973)" by David Polish. $1.00Shipping - $3.00.
  • bk0050  Marcus, Jacob Rader, Ph.D., editor, FALL/WINTER 1989, VOL. XLI, NO. 2, (journal, paperback), Cincinnati: American Jewish Archives.  Articles include "From Württemburg to America:  A Nineteenth-Century German-Jewish Village On Its Way to the New World" by Stefan Rohrbacher (contains list of 314 Jewish immigrants from Jebenhausen, Württemburg from 1825 to 1870); "The Zionist Influence on American Jewish Life" by Allon Gal; "Her 'Scandalous Behavior':  A Jewish Divorce in Charleston, South Carolina, 1788" by James W. Hagy; "Jewish Street Merchants and Mass Consumption in New York, 1880-1914" by Andrew Heinze; American Jewish Personalities, "Thomas Seltzer:  Publisher, Fighter for Freedom of the Press, and the Man Who 'Made' D. H. Lawrence" by Alexandra Lee Levin.  $1.00.   Shipping - $3.00.
  • bk0055  Marcus, Jacob Rader, Ph.D., editor, SPRING/SUMMER 1991, VOL. XLIII, NO. 1, (journal, paperback), Cincinnati: American Jewish Archives.  Articles include "Roberto Haberman and the Origins of Modern Mexico's Jewish Community" by Dan La Botz; "Jewish Commercial Interests Between North and South:  the Case of the Lehmans and the Seligmans" by Elliot Askenazi; "They Came, They Saw, They Organized:  The Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel" by Ava F. Kahn; American Jewish Personalities, "Professor George Bush:  American Hebraist and Pro-Zionist" by Shalom Goldman.  $1.00.  Shipping - $3.00.
  • bk0058  Marcus, Jacob Rader, Ph.D., editor, SPRING/SUMMER 1993, VOL. XLV, NO. 1, (journal, paperback), Cincinnati: American Jewish Archives.  Articles include "Louis Marshall and the White Terror in Hungary, 919-1920" by Nathaniel Katzburg; "Ambivalent Relations:   Acceptance and Anti-Semitism in Confederate Thomasville" by Mark I. Greenberg; "The Design of a Modern Synagogue:  Percival Goodman's Beth-El in Providence, Rhode Island" by George M. Goodin; Rethinking the American Jewish Experience, "Some Eastern European Letters on Emigration" by Jacob Kabakoff; and American Jewish Personalities, "Pluralism, Chicago School Style:  Louis Wirth, the Ghetto, the City, and 'Integration'" by Zane L. Miller.  $1.00.  Shipping - $3.00.
  • bk0059  Marcus, Jacob Rader, Ph.D., editor, FALL/WINTER 1993, VOL. XLV, NO. 2, (journal, paperback), Cincinnati: American Jewish Archives.  Articles include "The Non-Recognition of Jewish College Fraternities:  The Cases of Columbia and Brown Universities" by Marianne Sanua; "The Search for the Elusive Caribbean Jews" by Franklin B. Krohn; "'I Feel as if Newly Born:' Immigrant Letters to the Industrial Removal Offiice" by Robert A. Rockaway; Rethinking the American Jewish Experience, "Boston's African-Americans and American Jews:  Two Views" by William Toll and Marshall F. Stevenson, Jr.; and American Jewish Personalities, "Julius Rosenwald and World War I" by Miriam Joyce.  Also contains a short obituary of Malcolm H. Stern,, the dean of American Jewish genealogy.  $1.00.   Shipping - $3.00.
  • bk0052  Marcus, Jacob Rader, Ph.D., editor, SPRING/SUMMER 1994, VOL. XLVI, NO. 1, (journal, paperback), Cincinnati: American Jewish Archives.  Articles include "Mordecai M. Kaplan's Orthodox Orientation" by Jacob J. Schacter; "Uncle Gustavo in Lima:  A nineteenth-Century German-Jewish Immigrant" by C. C. Aronsfeld; "There is a Doctor in the House" by Judah Rubinstein (about Moses Rosenwasser, Jewish physician in Cleveland); "The Case of the Part-Time Jew:  A Unique Incident in 19th Century America" by Ralph G. Bennett (a case study of a Jew in Surinam); and "Morris Goldsmith:  Deputy United States Marshall" by Stephen M. Passamaneck.  $1.00.  Shipping - $3.00.
  • bk0054  Marcus, Jacob Rader, Ph.D., editor, FALL-WINTER 1995, VOL. XLVII, NO. 2, (journal, paperback), Cincinnati: American Jewish Archives.  Articles include "Sicily Island and Rishon le-Zion, A Comparative Analysis" by Margalit Shilo; "Jewish Immigrant Farmers in the Connecticut River Valley:  The Rockville Settlement" by Mark A. Raider; Rethinking the American Jewish Experience, "The Movement for Equal Rights for Women in Judaism as Reflected in the writings of Rabbi David Aronson" by David Golinkin; American Jewish Personalities, Henry Mack:  An Important Figure in Nineteenth-Century Jewish History" by Michael W. Rich (about early leader in American Reform Judaism).  $1.00.  Shipping - $3.00.
  • bk1102  Zola, Gary P., Ph.D., editor, 2018, VOL. LXX, NO. 1 & 2 (journal, paperback), Cincinnati:  The Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives.  Double issue of the journal dedicated to the "history of ideas." Articles include: "The Maccabaean and the Melting Pot: Contributionist Zionism and American Diversity Discourse, 1903-1915," by David Weinfeld; "Maurice Eisendrath Comes to Toronto: The Rabbi's First Year at Holy Blossom," by Howard Roger and Michael Cole; "The Pilgrim Rabbis: Reform Rabbis Behaving Badly in a Lost Satire," by Joan S. Friedman; "Remembering Nelson Glueck" by Samuel Greengus and "In Memory of Nelson Glueck" by Sally J. Priesand; book reviews of Bonnie S. Anderson's "The Rabbi's Atheist Daughter: Ernestine Rose, International Feminist Pioneer;" Eric L. Goldstein and Deborah R. Weiner's "On Middle Ground: A History of the Jews of Baltimore;" Adi Gordon's Toward Nationalism's End: An Intellectual Biography of Hans Kohn;" Arlo Haskell's "The Jews of Key West: Smugglers, Cigar Makers, and Revolutionaries (1823-1969);" Jenna Weissman Joselit's "Set in Stone: America's Embrace of the Ten Commandments;" Rachel Kranson's "Ambivalent Embrace: Jewish Upward Mobility in Postwar America;" James Loeffler's "Rooted Cosmopolitans: Jews and Human Rights in the Twentieth Century;" Rafael Medoff's "Too Little and Almost Too Late: The War Refugee Board and America's Response to the Holocaust;" Shari Rabin's "Jews on the Frontier: Religion and Mobility in Nineteenth-Century America."  $1.00.  Shipping - $3.00.


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