Ted Gostin
Professional Genealogist

  Research Rates 

I charge for all research and reporting time on an hourly basis.  I also charge for certain reimbursable expenses, such as document fees, photocopies, etc.   I have minimum charges that are required in advance as a retainer, and I ask clients to set a maximum dollar limit on the research.  I will then work towards that dollar limit, and invoice for additional expenses as work progresses.  My current fees and procedures are described below.

Hourly Rate:

$40 per hour (includes research and reporting time)

Required Retainer (minimum charges):

For Jewish or European genealogy cases:  $350
     (This is equivalent to 8 hours time, plus minimal expenses)

For California or other USA genealogy cases:  $175
     (This is equivalent to 4 hours time, plus minimal expenses)

Reimbursable Expenses:

  • Document fees
  • Microfilm rental
  • Photocopies
  • Fees to other researchers
  • Parking & fares (bus/subway)
  • Mileage (only for trips outside Los Angeles County)
  • Postage (excluding client correspondence)
  • Long-distance telephone (excluding client calls)
  • Photography


Retainers/minimum charges paid in advance.  Monthly reports are prepared as research progresses, and invoices for any additional approved charges are sent with the monthly reports.  Invoices must be paid within 30 days.

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