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Generations Press offers a variety of genealogical books and research tools in the areas of Jewish genealogy, Southern California resources, immigration research, and map reproductions.  Our first book was published in 2001, but we also sell a wide selection of new and used books from other publishers.  Please visit the different sections of our web site listed below, and review our catalogs of available books and maps.  Thanks for shopping at Generations Press! 

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Our first volume is available now!  Southern California Vital Records:  Volume 1, Los Angeles County 1850-1859 is an index to births, marriages and deaths in Los Angeles County at a time when public vital records were incomplete or non-existent.  Read about our other planned publications on our Generations Press Publications page.


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Generations Press also offers a variety of used books, publishers' closeouts and remainders  related to Jewish genealogy & California local history, as well as maps, atlases, gazetteers, travel guides and other geographically oriented books.  Our focus is on titles that we can offer at very low prices to cost-conscious genealogists.  The selection constantly changes, so please stop by to see what we have today.

Map Sales Discontinued on March 1, 2008 

As of March 1, 2008, Generations Press discontinued the sale of all map reproductions.  While we may resume selling map reproductions at some time in the future, for now, we will concentrate on books related to Jewish genealogy and Southern California research.  Please see our Links page for map reproductions from other map sellers.


Genealogical Research Services

Ted Gostin, the owner of Generations Press, is a professional genealogist in Los Angeles and the founder of Gostin Research Associates.  This firm provides genealogical research in two areas:  1) researching family trees, specializing in Jewish genealogy and Southern California resources; and 2) locating missing or unknown heirs to unclaimed assets.  Check out Ted Gostin's research page for more information on research assistance in these areas.

View a "Who Do You Think You Are" segment featuring Ted Gostin.

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Recently Acquired Used Books

The following used books have recently been added -- see our online catalog for more information.

  • bk0630  Rosenbaum, Fred.  VISIONS OF REFORM: CONGREGATION EMANU-EL AND THE JEWS OF SAN FRANCISCO 1849-1999.  $18.00.  Shipping - $4.00.
  • bk0642  Rosemary Lord.  LOS ANGELES THEN & NOW.  $15.00.  Shipping - $4.00.
  • bk0643  Swift, Michael.  HISTORICAL MAPS OF IRELAND.  $20.00.  Shipping - $4.00.
  • bk0631  Abramski-Bligh, Irit, Editor.  PINKAS HA-KEHILLOT, or ENCYCLOPEDIA OF JEWISH COMMUNITIES: LIBYA AND TUNISIA.  $30.00.  Shipping - $5.00.
  • bk0641  Stanislaw Markowski. KRAKOWSKI KAZIMIERZ DZIELNICA ZYDOWSKA 1870-1988 (KAZIMIERZ, THE JEWISH QUARTER OF CRACOW 1870-1988).  $30.00.  Shipping - 4.00.
  • bk0895  Hirahara, Naomi and Heather C. Lindquist.  Life After Manzanar.  $18.00.  Shipping - $4.00.
  • bk0944  Bentes, Abraham Ramiro.  Primeira Comunidade Israelita Brasileira: Tradiçoes, Genealogia, Pré-História.  $25.00.  Shipping - $4.50.
  • bk1097  Meade, William.  Old Churches, Ministers and Families of Virginia. Volume II.  $15.00.  Shipping - $4.00.


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